Sasi is Waiting and other stories

Sasi is Waiting and other stories

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ISBN: 9789390961016

Author: Sujatha / Translator: Vimala Balakrishnan

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About the Book

Sujatha, the pseudonym of S Rangarajan, is a name synonymous with Tamil literature. Loved by readers of all ages, he is credited with over 100 novels, 250 short stories, numerous plays, and regular columns in popular Tamil periodicals. In this collection of stories, Rangarajan takes us on a wild journey into different genres of fiction. He delves into science fiction in City Tours while The Sun depicts the horrible reality of a nuclear holocaust. In Secha, he captures violence in an incident of brutal mugging in the USA, while the ethical dilemma of police brutality is debated in Justifications. We also have The Edge, a psychological thriller, and the delightful story of Krishnaswamy titled The Horse. And finally, in his showstopper, Sasi is Waiting, the writer dissects the most basic of human emotions, Love, Fear, and Longing with just one question: How long will Sasi keep waiting?

About the Author

Sujatha was a prolific writer of popular fiction in Tamil. His writing career spanned almost 50 years from the 1960s to 2008. He wrote thrillers, science fiction, psychological thrillers, film scripts, and articles based on science, technology, and neurosciences. Kakitha Changiligal, Ullam Thuranthavan, Pesum Bommaikal , and Nillungal Rajave are some of his popular works. Many of his novels and short stories have been made into films and also adapted for television. He was an electronic engineer and retired as General Manager, Bharat Electronics, Bangalore. He was conferred the “Vaswik” award for his contribution towards the electronic voting machine by the Tamil Nadu government.

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