Village Voices

Village Voices

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Author: Ganesh Nadar

ISBN: 9789382711209

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About the Book

Life in a small village of Tamil Nadu comes alive through the eyes and ears of the author. The stories take the readers on a rollercoaster ride from the excitement of Jallikattu-an ancient bull-taming sport to petty politics during village elections; from a young man pulled off a bus by villagers and made to marry the girl he had promised; from the village shop where anyone could walk in and buy on credit to the protests over the Koodankulam nuclear plant.

From the Uvari Legend that led to the setting up of the St Anthony's Church to a temple priest revolting against the installing of a hundial in the temple. The Lourdes of South India tells us about the famous church of Annai at Velankanni where everyone - Hindus and Christians, come to pray. Fascinating stories of women beedi makers, temple festivals, marriage rituals - all make the village come alive with characters whom we all recognize and identify with.

About the Author

Athimuthu Ganesh Nadar was born and brought up in Mumbai and did his higher schooling in Barnes, Devlali. He studied philosophy at Elphinstone College, Mumbai. One of his philosophy classmates and friend Yazad Darasha went on to become the business editor of Sunday Observer.  A chance meeting with the editor, where he had gone to meet his friend, set him on the path of writing. In 1988 he left Mumbai at the age of 30, complaining that it had become too crowded and moved into this quaint village in Tamil Nadu with the name of Panickanadarkudiruppu. He has been there for 25 years now.

From Sunday Observer he moved to He is a founder-member there and now Deputy Managing Editor. What is surprising is that Mumbai folk call him a villager and his village folk call him a city man. He lives with his wife Bhavani and daughter Pooja in a three-storied house his father built in his village.

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