Discovering India by Karolina Goswami

Discovering India

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Discovering India

ISBN: 9789386473783

Author: Karolina Goswami

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Binding: HB

Language: English

Year: 2019


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About the Book

A young Polish woman embarks on a tour of India and falls in love with the country. What does she find? She finds that India is quite different from the way it is commonly perceived outside its borders. Isn’t it reckless to restrict India to common media stereotypes like cow, caste, rapes and slums without carefully examining and studying its lesser-known sides and its complex and delicate layers of reality? In an increasingly globalised and a data-driven world, isn’t it more sensible to have a broader evidence-based global perspective instead of jumping to reckless and oversimplified conclusions? Without neglecting India’s lesser-understood sides, from its economy to the environment, from its weaknesses to its strengths, from its spirituality to its unutilised soft power, as well as its culture, tourism and its upcoming challenges, Karolina Goswami has carefully attempted to diagnose India’s problems and seek their solutions. With the help of verifiable data, researches and logic, Karolina’s story of India may sound scholarly but can be easily grasped. Discovering India, therefore, is a handy, quick-glance reference source of information on India, for an insider as well as an outsider, for an average Indian who must know about India’s strengths and shortcomings, for the Indian diaspora who would like to keep themselves abreast, and for non-Indians who want to dig India deeper, beneath its stereotyped surface. It is a book that should be in the hands of everyone interested in India.

About the Author

Karolina Goswami comes from the south eastern region of Poland. She holds a master’s degree from the Rzeszów University of Technology and is a production engineer by training. Driven by her passion to provide a broader perspective to the sides of India that are not fully known or understood, Karolina Goswami is known for creating data-driven non-political content (documentary films, short videos) which ignites independent thinking and logical reasoning. Her well-researched short videos and documentary films are regularly uploaded on the Social media Channel – India In Details. ‘India In Details’ has nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 500,000 followers on Facebook, as of October 2019. In her journey as a filmmaker, Karolina Goswami has delivered nearly 100 episodes on a variety of subjects related to India and Indians. Cumulatively, her episodes have had more than 100 million views on various social media platforms. From India’s premier academic institution – IIT Kharagpur, to the country’s tourism, healthcare, economy, environment and its cultural and spiritual heritage, her episodes have covered a very wide spectrum. She has also highlighted the success stories of overseas Indians and the challenges faced by them. In order to build a more accurate perception of India in the country of her birth, Karolina Goswami has started a painstaking and mammoth task of visiting the primary schools, secondary schools and universities in Poland to give lectures or speeches on India. These workshops are helping the next Polish generation to become more informed, more accepting and better prepared to live in an increasing globalised world – in which India is expected to play a key role.

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